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Defines an optional named set, which is an alias for a member or for a set of members (of a level in a Business Intelligence cube). You can use named sets for rows or columns in your queries, and the system substitutes the member or the set when you run the query.



When you define a named set, the cube command in the MDX shell does not list this set. You can, however, use the set in the MDX shell or in the query API.

The <namedSet> element has the following contents:

Attribute Purpose
name, displayName, description, disabled See Common Attributes in a Cube. For the name attribute, the system does not check whether the name is already in use. If you use a name that was previously used by another named set, you are overriding that named set.
setExpression MDX expression that returns a member or a set of members. For details and examples, see the InterSystems MDX Reference.

You can define a named set in two other ways:

  • Within an MDX query by using the WITH clause.

  • Within the CREATE SET statement.

See the InterSystems MDX Reference.


For example:

<namedSet name="SampleSet" setExpression="[homed].[h1].[city].MEMBERS" />
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