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Requirements for a Subject Area Class

Provides basic information on Business Intelligence subject area classes.


To define a subject area, create a class that meets the following requirements:

  • It must extend %DeepSee.SubjectAreaOpens in a new tab.

  • It must contain an XData block named SubjectArea

  • For this XData block, XMLNamespace must be specified as follows:

    XMLNamespace = ""
  • The root element within the XData block must be <subjectArea> and this element must follow the requirements described in the rest of this page.

  • It is useful, but not required, for the class to specify the DependsOn keyword so that this class is compiled only after the cube class is compiled and can be used.

  • The class can define the DOMAIN parameter, which specifies the domain to which any localized strings belong. For example:


    For details, see Performing Localization.

Studio provides assistance as you type.

You must recompile a subject area class after making any change.

Also see Accessing the Business Intelligence Samples.


For example:

Class BI.Model.SubjectAreas.AsthmaPatients Extends %DeepSee.SubjectArea [DependsOn=Cubes.StudyPatients]

/// This XData definition defines the SubjectArea.
XData SubjectArea [ XMLNamespace = "" ]
<subjectArea name="AsthmaPatients" 
    displayName="Asthma Patients"
    baseCube="Patients" filterSpec="diagd.h1.diagnoses.asthma" >

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