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Quality Measure Expressions (MDX)

This section describes how to create and use quality measure expressions, which provide access to the values of quality measures. These expressions are an InterSystems extension to MDX.


A quality measure expression has the following syntax, which refers to a special dimension in Business Intelligence called %QualityMeasure:

[%QualityMeasure].&[catalog/set/qm name]


[%QualityMeasure].&[catalog/set/qm name/group name]


  • catalog is the catalog to which the quality measure belongs.

  • set is a set in that catalog.

  • qm name is the short name of the quality measure. (The full name of a quality measure is catalog/set/qm name.)

  • group name is the name of a group defined in the given quality measure.

The first expression returns the value of the quality measure. The second expression returns the value of the given group.


You can use quality measure expressions in the same way that you use other measures.

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