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Returns a comma-separated list of values, given a set of values. This function is an InterSystems extension to MDX and is intended for use in KPIs.

Returned Type

This function returns a string that consists of a comma-separated list of values.

Syntax and Details




The following example shows the measure %COUNT for each diagnosis, followed by a string that contains a comma-separated list of those values:

WITH SET temp AS 'diagd.MEMBERS' 
SELECT MEASURES.[%COUNT] ON 0, {temp,%LIST(temp)} ON 1 FROM patients
                             Patient Count
1 None                                8,603
2 asthma                                676
3 CHD                                   345
4 diabetes                              546
5 osteoporosis                          212
6 LIST                   8603,676,345,546,212

In the following example, the LIST column contains, for each city, a comma-separated list of the birth counts by decade for that city. This is the basic query used in the scorecard on the Scorecard with Trend Lines dashboard.

SELECT {MEASURES.[%COUNT],%LIST(birthd.decade.MEMBERS)} ON 0, ON 1 FROM patients
                       Patient Count                 LIST
1 Cedar Falls                   1,079   11,22,42,92,115,159,176,135,127,179,21
2 Centerville                   1,058   3,24,51,57,114,157,167,152,161,145,27
3 Cypress                       1,095   12,14,57,84,105,146,160,159,153,166,39
4 Elm Heights                   1,086   8,22,54,72,121,154,168,135,176,143,33
5 Juniper                       1,152   9,21,56,79,124,165,200,152,169,155,22
6 Magnolia                      1,152   6,18,55,83,116,181,190,159,172,145,27
7 Pine                          1,120   8,22,47,72,108,160,166,173,161,170,33
8 Redwood                       1,132   6,17,61,90,109,174,189,129,171,154,32
9 Spruce                        1,126   11,20,70,74,107,167,171,161,164,156,25

This function is intended for use in KPIs displayed in scorecard widgets. Specifically, you use this as the source value for a scorecard property that displays a trend line or trend bar graphic.

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