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Settings for XML Business Services

Provides reference information for settings of XML virtual documents business services.


XML virtual document business services provide the following settings:

Group Settings See
Basic Settings Target Config Names, Doc Schema Category Settings for Business Services
Additional Settings Search Table Class, Validation section in this topic
Additional Settings Reply Target Config Names section in this topic

The remaining settings are either common to all business services or are determined by the file adapter. For information, see:

Reply Target Config Names

(File and FTP only) Comma-separated list of configuration items within the production to which the business service should relay any XML virtual documents reply messages. Usually the list contains one item, but it can be longer. The list can include both business processes and business operations.

Compare to Target Config Names.


By default, validation of XML virtual documents is limited to testing whether the DocType is defined. To provide additional validation for XML virtual documents, you should subclass the EnsLib.MsgRouter.VDocRoutingEngine Opens in a new tab class and override the OnValidate method, adding custom code to validate the XML document.

If you are validating the document, return a nonzero value, which suppresses any default validation. If the document passes validation, return 1 ($$$OK) in pStatus to indicate success. If the document fails validation, return an error code in pStatus.

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