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Productions (Tools/APIs)

(Production-enabled namespaces) Work with productions programmatically (start, check status, enable configuration items, stop, and so on).

Background Information

A production is a specialized package of software and documentation that solves a specific integration problem for an enterprise customer. See Developing Productions.

You create and compile productions in the Management Portal (or in your IDE). Typically you also start, configure, and stop productions in the Management Portal.

Available Tools

Provides a large set of methods that you can use to start, stop, and otherwise control productions programmatically. These methods include:

  • EnableConfigItem()

  • GetHostSettings()

  • GetProductionStatus()

  • ProductionNeedsUpdate()

  • StartProduction()

  • And others

Availability: All interoperability-enabled namespaces.

Provides the following methods for working with productions:

  • CreateDocumentation()

  • GetEnsMetrics()

  • StartProduction()

  • StopProduction()

Availability: All namespaces.

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