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Set the node name for the local system.


[Startup]    CliSysName=n

n is a string with a maximum length of 64 characters. The default is an empty string.


CliSysName is the node name for this computer, and is used as:

  • The node name to be sent to the ECP network server, so that the server can identify the client.

  • The node name for a unique $JOB value. This is useful when using $JOB to index globals accessed by more than one networked system.

  • The node name returned by certain forms of the $SYSTEM function, concatenated with the InterSystems IRIS® data platform instance name, as nodename:instancename. This concatenated string is recorded in Audit files.

If no name is provided, InterSystems IRIS reads the computer settings and uses the computer “host name” as the client node name.

Changing This Parameter

On the Startup page of the Management Portal (System Administration > Configuration > Additional Settings > Startup), in the CliSysName row, select Edit. Enter the desired node name.

Instead of using the Management Portal, you can change CliSysName in the Config.StartupOpens in a new tab class (as described in the class reference) or by editing the CPF in a text editor (as described in Editing the Active CPF).

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