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Specify the location of the runtime library to use when running Embedded Python.


[config]    PythonRuntimeLibrary=library

library is the absolute path and filename of a Python runtime library. The maximum length for PythonRuntimeLibrary is 1024 characters. By default, no library is listed.


PythonRuntimeLibrary specifies the location of the Python runtime library to use when running Embedded Python. This version of the library overrides the default version of the library used when launching Embedded Python.

For example: PythonRuntimeLibrary=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

This location will vary based on your operating system, Python version, and other factors. The example shown here is for Python 3.11 on Ubuntu 22.04 on the x86 architecture.


See Flexible Python Runtime Feature for more information on this feature.

See Other Supported Features for information on which platforms this feature is available.

Changing This Parameter

On the Advanced Memory page of the Management Portal (System Administration > Configuration > Additional Settings > Advanced Memory), in the PythonRuntimeLibrary row, select Edit. Enter the location of the Python runtime library you want to use.

Instead of using the Management Portal, you can change PythonRuntimeLibrary in the Config.configOpens in a new tab class (as described in the class reference) or by editing the CPF in a text editor (as described in Editing the Active CPF).

When you edit this setting, it takes effect immediately. The new runtime library is used for any new processes.

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