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Create a new database.


[Actions]   CreateDatabase:Name=DatabaseName,Directory=DatabaseDirectory[,Additional Properties]


CreateDatabase defines a database. InterSystems IRIS® creates that database when processing the [Actions] section during a configuration merge.

You can specify any possible database properties in the CreateDatabase definition. During the merge, InterSystems IRIS runs SYS.Database.CreateDatabase()Opens in a new tab to create the database defined by CreateDatabase. Only the Name and Directory properties are required; the complete list of properties is available in the class reference.

When using CreateDatabase on an ECP client to add a remote database, there are two unique required properties. These are:

  • Server – This specifies the name of the ECP server where the remote database is located.

  • LogicalOnly (1 or 0) – When set to 1, this prevents CreateDatabase from creating a physical database on the ECP client.

The section below contains an example of using these properties to add a remote database.


Upon running a configuration merge, the following example creates the Customers database, specifying the initial size and maximum size:


If the Customers database is a remote database located on Node1, the [Actions] section would instead look like:


Changing This Operation

This operation is designed to be used during a configuration merge. You can change CreateDatabase by editing the merge file in a text editor (as described in Editing the Active CPF).

For information about creating and editing a database from the Management Portal, see Configuring Databases.

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