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The format of the data sent to the pipe.


[Logging] Format=n

n is either name/value pair (NVP) or JSON. The default value is NVP.


The log daemon can format output for structured logging in NVP or JSON format. In the NVP format, each line in the file contains a set of name/value pairs separated by spaces. Each name/value pair has the form name=value, and if value includes a space character, then value is enclosed in parentheses. In the JSON format, each line in the file is a JSON object with a set of properties.

Changing This Parameter

You can change this parameter using the management portal, the ^LOGDMN routine, or the class-based API (all described in Configure Structured Logging. Alternatively, you can edit the CPF in a text editor (as described in Editing the Active CPF).

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