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Define license servers.


[LicenseServers]    Name=IpAddress, Port[, KeyDirectory]


The [LicenseServers] section contains an entry for every license server configured for InterSystems IRIS® data platform. The entries are as follows:

  • IpAddress— IP address of the license server.

  • Port— UDP port number used by the license server. The port numbers used at different IP addresses do not need to be different. However, the license server port number used at each IP address must be different from any UDP port number used at that IP address.

  • KeyDirectory— License key directory. This setting is optional. If a directory is specified, on startup the License Server will read all valid .key files from that directory.

For more information about license servers, see Configuring InterSystems IRIS Licensing.

Changing This Parameter

On the License Servers page of the Management Portal (System Administration > Licensing > License Servers), select the name of a license server to edit it, or click Create License Server to add a new license server.

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