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TLS with the Superserver

Configuring the InterSystems IRIS Superserver to Use TLS

To use TLS for communications among components of InterSystems IRIS® data platform, configure the InterSystems IRIS superserver to use TLS. To do this, the procedure is:

  1. From the Management Portal home page, go to the SSL/TLS Configurations page (System Administration > Security > SSL/TLS Configurations).

  2. On the SSL/TLS Configurations page, select Create New Configuration, which displays the New SSL/TLS Configuration page.

  3. On the New SSL/TLS Configuration page, create a TLS server configuration. For details about creating a TLS configuration, see Create or Edit a TLS ConfigurationOpens in a new tab.

  4. Set up a superserver to use this configuration. See Managing a Superserver for more details.

  5. Set up clients to use TLS as appropriate (see Configuring InterSystems IRIS Telnet to Use TLS).

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