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DataLocation (Storage Keyword)

Specifies where data is stored for this class.




The value of element is a global name with optional leading subscripts.


An expression that is the location where data is stored for this class. Normally this would be a global reference such as ^User.PersonD. The global reference can also include one or more leading subscripts. For example, ^User.Data("Person").

It is also valid to use {%%PARENT} in the place of a global or local variable name in dependent classes (child classes within a parent-child relationship). For example, {%%PARENT}(ChildData). %%PARENT evaluates to the parent’s ID qualified data location (data location plus parent’s ID subscript).

Default Value

The default value for the <DataLocation> element is an empty string in which case the default data location, ^MyApp.MyClassD, is used (where MyApp.MyClass is the class name).

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