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GET /api/mgmnt/v1/:namespace/spec/:application/

Returns the OpenAPI 2.0 specificationOpens in a new tab for the given REST service, which must be a manually-coded REST service.

URL Parameters

namespace Required. Namespace name. This parameter is not case-sensitive.
application Required. Fully qualified name of the package that contains the REST service class.


To use this endpoint, you must have read access to the given namespace. If no namespace is specified, or if the specified namespace is %SYS, you must have read access to the default namespace (USER). Note that you can set the default namespace to a different namespace; to do so, set the global node ^%SYS("REST","UserNamespace") equal to the desired namespace.

You must also have read access to the database that contains the dispatch class. The dispatch class namespace and the endpoint namespace need to be the same (except in the case of a dispatch class in a package starting with %, which is available to all namespaces).

Example Request

  • Request Method:


  • Request URL:



This call returns a Swagger (OpenAPI 2.0Opens in a new tab) specification as documented at in a new tab.

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