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GET /api/mgmnt/v2/

Returns an array that contains information about the newer REST services on the server (including any that do not have an associated web application). This call ignores any manually-coded REST services.

URL Parameters



To use this endpoint, you must have read access to the given namespace. If no namespace is specified, or if the specified namespace is %SYS, you must have read access to the default namespace (USER). Note that you can set the default namespace to a different namespace; to do so, set the global node ^%SYS("REST","UserNamespace") equal to the desired namespace.

Example Request

  • Request Method:


  • Request URL:



The response is a JSON array; each object in the array represents a REST service. A given object has the following properties:

  • name — Name of the REST service.

  • webApplications — Name of the web application that provides access to the REST service.

  • dispatchClass — Name of the dispatch class of the REST service.

  • namespace — Namespace in which the dispatch class and other classes are defined.

  • swaggerSpec — Endpoint where you can obtain the OpenAPI 2.0 specification for this REST service.

The following shows an example response:

    "name": "%Api.Mgmnt.v2",
    "webApplications": "/api/mgmnt",
    "dispatchClass": "%Api.Mgmnt.v2.disp",
    "namespace": "%SYS",
    "swaggerSpec": "/api/mgmnt/v2/%25SYS/%Api.Mgmnt.v2"
    "name": "myapp",
    "webApplications": "/api/myapp",
    "dispatchClass": "myapp.disp",
    "namespace": "USER",
    "swaggerSpec": "/api/mgmnt/v2/USER/myapp"
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