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Set the pipe command specifying where the system sends the structured log data.


[Logging] ChildProcessLaunchCommand=Executable Options

The default is of the form:

ChildProcessLaunchCommand=irislogd.exe -f /path/to/myfilename.log


The ChildProcessLaunchCommand specifies where the system sends structured log data. It takes a target executable that receives the log data. You can optionally specify arguments for the executable.

For the default irislogd executable, you can pass the following arguments:

Argument Purpose
-d Emit diagnostic and error messages
-e errfilename Write errors and diagnostic messages to the given file.
-f logfilename Write log messages to the given file.
-h hostname Includes the given host name in the structured log file.
-i irisinstance Includes the given instance name in the structured log file.
-s Write log messages to the Unix® syslog facility (Unix® only)

Changing This Parameter

You can change this parameter using the management portal, the ^LOGDMN routine, or the class-based API (all described in Configure Structured Logging. Alternatively, you can edit the CPF in a text editor (as described in Editing the Active CPF).

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