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Getting Started with Security on Health Connect

The many security features and mechanisms built into HealthShare® Health Connect encompass a broad range of functionalities. InterSystems provides detailed documentation for major security topics such as authentication and authorization mechanisms, data and database encryption, auditing, application security, security for developers, and others. Where you should start most likely depends on two questions:

  • How much security experience do you have?

  • Do you want to learn about a specific feature or the big picture?

If you are relatively inexperienced, are looking for an overview of InterSystems offering, or both, begin with the Security Overview and the Security Tutorial. If you need information about how to take advantage of a major security feature, for example the range of authentication mechanisms supported by InterSystems IRIS, look for the relevant topics in this category. Expand the Security Administration, SOAP Security, and OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect groups to see the full range of topics.