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Deploy InterSystems products in a public or private cloud or on premises, using one of these options.

Deploy in the cloud using ICM

InterSystems Cloud Manager (ICM) provides a simple, intuitive way to provision public or private cloud infrastructure and deploy services on it, bringing all the advantages of automation and infrastructure as code (IaC) to containerized or containerless deployment of InterSystems products. ICM can also deploy on existing infrastructure.

Deploy on Kubernetes using the InterSystems Kubernetes operator

The InterSystems Kubernetes Operator (IKO) extends the Kubernetes API with the IrisCluster custom resource, which can be deployed as an InterSystems IRIS sharded cluster, distributed cache cluster, or standalone instance (all optionally mirrored) on any Kubernetes platform. The IKO lets you take advantage of Kubernetes for automated deployment, scaling, and management of your containerized sharded cluster-based application.

Deploy in containers

Deploying InterSystems products in Docker containers is agile, highly repeatable, and well suited to public cloud platforms, as well as on premises deployment. Start with our images and add your application, or create your own images from scratch.

Deploy using an installation kit

Use a traditional installation kit to install product instances on a wide range of platforms in any cloud or on premises environment.

Automate configuration during deployment

HealthShare® Health Connect provides several ways to automate deployment of multiple instances with varying configurations, letting you deploy multiple topologies out of the box.

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