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Custom Web APIs and Applications

In HealthShare® Health Connect, you can create web-based APIs that provide access to the database, via REST or SOAP. You can also create web applications (HTML pages including your choice of JavaScript libraries).


In Health Connect, a web API or web application consists of the following elements:

  • A web application definition on an Health Connect server.

    The web application definition controls things such as the allowed authentication mechanisms, the namespace to run the code in, security roles to add for users of the application, access to data, timeouts, and more.

  • Your custom code on the same server. This code can include its own checks for authorization and can perform role escalation; such logic automatically complements the web application definition.

  • A web server, as supported for use with Health Connect.

  • The Web Gateway, which acts as the intermediary between the web server and the Health Connect server or servers. The Web Gateway maintains a pool of connections to these servers.

    The Web Gateway configuration includes its own definitions of web applications running on the Health Connect servers. These definitions enable the Web Gateway to route requests to the correct web applications on the Health Connect servers.

  • The Health Connect server or servers, each of which provides dedicated processes that wait for requests from the Web Gateway and then handle them as needed, forwarding them to the application code.

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