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Even for first-time users, HealthShare® Health Connect makes it easy to deploy, configure, and maintain complex systems. You can interface with Health Connect using either the Health Connect terminal or the Management Portal web application, both of which you can access remotely. Health Connect also contains the tools to automate frequent tasks, such as deploying new nodes and creating backups.

Get acquainted

Introduction to the Management PortalOpens in a new tab

InterSystems Architecture OverviewOpens in a new tab

Deploy and configure

Deploy Health Connect

Organize your data

Create and manage users

Assign roles to users

Manage and monitor

Back up your system

Maintain Databases

Control Processes

Schedule Tasks

Use Background Tasks

Audit system activity

Monitor your system

Read all about it

System Administration Guide

System Resource Planning and Management

Configuration Parameter File Reference

Web Gateway Guide

Data Integrity Guide

High Availability Guide

Monitoring and Operations Guide

Explore more

Specialized System Tools and Utilities

Using DataMove with Health Connect

Server Migration Guide

In-Place Conversion GuideOpens in a new tab (WRC login required)

Platform Architecture

Security Administration

FeedbackOpens in a new tab