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Disabling Access to the Online WSDL

By default, it is possible to view the WSDL for an InterSystems IRIS® data platform web service via a URL of the following form:


Here base is the base URL for your web server (including port if necessary), /csp/app is the name of the web application in which the web service resides, and web_serv is the class name of the web service.

To disable the ability to access the WSDL in this way, specify the SOAPDISABLEWSDL parameter of the web service as 1. Note that even with SOAPDISABLEWSDL equal to 1, it is possible to use the FileWSDL() method to generate the WSDL as a static file.

For more basic information about InterSystems IRIS® data platform web services, see Basic Settings of the Web Service.

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