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You can audit IHE processes and send audit messages to an ATNA repository.

Basic Auditing

The HS.HC.Audit.ConsolidationService is a business service that batches audit events and periodically updates the InterSystems audit logs. To set up auditing, enable this business service in your production.

ATNA Auditing

To add ATNA auditing:

  1. Add one of the following business operations to your production:

  2. Configure the ATNA operation to communicate with your ATNA repository via TCP or UDP as appropriate.

  3. Set AuditAlertOperations in the HS.HC.Audit.ConsolidationService to the name of the business operation you installed in step 1.

  4. Optionally edit the contents of the ExcludeUsers field in the HS.HC.Audit.ConsolidationService to control which events are audited.