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Installing a Development Environment

InterSystems IRIS does not include a development environment on UNIX®; therefore, you must choose between Studio, which must be run on a Windows client, and the InterSystems ObjectScript extensions for Visual Studio CodeOpens in a new tab.

If your web server uses a port other than 80 then, after installing, you will need to change the CPF WebServerPort and WebServerURLPrefix parameters to your web server’s port number in order to connect with your IDE.

To install a Windows client, follow the instructions in Windows Client Installation. Once the Windows client is installed, perform the following tasks to connect Studio to your instance:

  1. Open the InterSystems IRIS launcher on the Windows client.

  2. Point to Preferred Server and click Add/Edit to add a remote server connection to the InterSystems IRIS instance just installed. Make sure you specify the appropriate port numbers for this connection.

  3. Point to Remote System Access, point to Studio, and then click the appropriate connection name you entered in the previous step.

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