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The Enterprise Message Bank is an optional remote archiving facility where you can collect messages, Event Log items, and search table entries from multiple client productions. It consists of the following components:

  • The Message Bank server, which is a simple production consisting exclusively of a Message Bank service that receives submissions from any number of client productions.

  • A client operation (the Message Bank operation) that you add to a production and configure with the address of a Message Bank server.

The following shows a conceptual example:

Diagram of a Message Bank Production receiving input from Message Bank operations in three different productions

So that you can conveniently see the messages in the Message Bank, InterSystems IRIS® provides the following additional options:

  • For the Message Bank instance, the Management Portal automatically includes the Enterprise Monitor pages, where you can monitor the status of client productions, browse the Message Bank, and perform a search of messages from the monitored clients.

  • For each client instance, you configure a link to the Enterprise Monitor in the Message Bank instance.

The following shows an example:

Diagram of an Enterprise Monitor receving input from three different servers

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