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About This Book

This book describes how to add HTTP adapters to a production, so that the production can send and receive HTTP requests and responses.

This book contains the following sections:

For a detailed outline, see the table of contents.

For more information, try the following sources:

  • For information about the pass-through service and operation, EnsLib.HTTP.GenericService and EnsLib.HTTP.GenericOperation, see “Configuring ESB Services and Operations” in Using a Production as an ESB. These classes enable you to receive an HTTP, REST, or SOAP request and pass it through to an external service.

  • Best Practices for Creating Productions describes best practices for organizing and developing productions.

  • Developing Productions explains how to perform the development tasks related to creating a production.

  • Configuring Productions describes how to configure the settings for productions, business hosts, and adapters. It provides details on settings not discussed in this book.

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