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About This Document

This document describes the use of InterSystems Cloud Manager (ICM) to deploy InterSystems IRIS® data platform configurations in public and private clouds and on preexisting physical and virtual clusters.

This book contains the following chapters:

  • ICM Overview

    Provides an overview of ICM’s purpose, design, uses, and benefits.

  • Essential ICM Elements

    Describes the elements involved in using ICM, including Docker images and repositories, platforms, and configuration files.

  • Using ICM

    Provides detailed step-by-step procedures for using ICM to provision infrastructure and deploy services.

  • ICM Reference

    Provides reference information for ICM including commands, options and configuration parameters; node types and topology; licensing and security; multizone, multiregion, and private network deployment; monitoring; and troubleshooting.

This book also contains the following appendixes: