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Upgrading Health Connect

The upgrade process for Health Connect varies depending on whether you are upgrading from a version of Health Connect that is powered by InterSystems IRIS.

Upgrading Health Connect 2019.1 or Later

Because Health Connect 2019.1 and later is powered by InterSystems IRIS, the process for upgrading Health Connect to a new major release or maintenance release is similar to upgrading the underlying InterSystems IRIS technology. Though all the steps may not apply to your Health Connect implementation, you should follow the upgrade process found in Upgrading InterSystems IRIS.

Upgrading from Health Connect 15.03

Health Connect 2019.1 was the first release of Health Connect that is powered by InterSystems IRIS. Because of this change in underlying technology, a special upgrade procedure is required when upgrading from a previous version of Health Connect. If you are upgrading to Health Connect 2019.1 or later from Health Connect 15.03, see the InterSystems IRIS In-Place Conversion Guide, which is available from the InterSystems WRC Documents page.