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Getting Started with InterSystems IRIS Data Platform Embedded Language Development

HealthShare® Health Connect offers both embedded (server-side) programming capabilities and extensive support for external (client-side) development. The topics in this group provide the information you need to develop code on the server side using the ObjectScript programming language and one of the available IDEs. They also cover the globals in which InterSystems IRIS databases store data, as well as the multi-model access to that data provided by InterSystems IRIS.

If you are new to server-side development on InterSystems IRIS, you’ll probably want to spend some time with the Programmer Orientation topics to get acquainted with all the features provided. Having done so, you will be well-equipped to explore the remaining topics and find the information you need to start developing server-side code on an InterSystems IRIS instance.

Those with InterSystems IRIS expertise may want to check out the detailed documentation on specific features and advanced topics elsewhere in the Embedded Language Development category.