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Identifies the arbiter used by the mirrors in a mirrored sharded cluster.


[Startup]    ArbiterURL=host:port

host:port is the address of the arbiter.


ArbiterURL identifies the arbiter used by the mirrors in a mirrored sharded cluster. In conjunction with several other parameters, ArbiterURL can be used to deploy a mirrored sharded cluster. For a description of this process, see Configure or Deploy a Mirrored Cluster Using CPF Settings in the “Horizontally Scaling for Data Volume with Sharding” chapter in the Scalability Guide.

See Also

ArbiterURL to specify the address of the arbiter for a mirrored sharded cluster.

MaxServers and MaxServerConn, which must be greater than or equal to the number of nodes in the sharded cluster the instance is a member of.

ShardRole to specify the sharded cluster role of the instance.

ShardClusterURL to specify the node to use as a template when adding an instance to a sharded cluster.

ShardMirrorMember to specify the failover role of a data node in a mirrored sharded cluster.

ShardMasterRegexp to identify the sharded cluster node to be configured as data node 1 based on hostname.

ShardRegexp to identify the nodes to be configured as sharded cluster data nodes (other than data node 1) based on hostname.

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