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Define InterSystems IRIS® data platform databases.


[Databases]    Name=a,b,c,d,e,f

Name is a string. a, b, c, d, e, and f are as described below.


The [Databases] section of the configuration parameter (CPF) file contains an entry for every database connected to the instance. Each entry has up to six comma-separated arguments that define a database. The only argument that is required is the first, the directory specification. If the other arguments are not specified, then the default is used. The values are:

  • a — Full directory specification for database file. Required.

  • b — Remote instance name (empty for local instance). If the instance is remote (nonempty name), subsequent fields are ignored. Default is the local instance.

  • c — Must mount at startup (1 or 0). When enabled, the database must be mounted at startup, or startup fails. Default is 0 (database is not mounted at startup).

  • d — This value is ignored and may be left blank.

  • e — This value is ignored and may be left blank.

  • f — Stream Location. Directory where the streams associated with this database go. The default is blank — "" (which Intersystems recommends.) This default location is in the subdirectory stream, underneath the database directory. For example, for a database located in c:\abc, the default stream location is c:\abc\stream.

By default, even if they are not specified, the IRISSYS, IRISLIB, IRISTEMP, and IRISAUDIT databases must be local to the instance and mounted at startup.


In the [Databases] section, each line is a database with arguments Name=a,b,c,d,e,f. Here is an example from Windows:

; Database is on instance SALESERVER
; Database is local and mount required
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Example of remote databases without mirroring:

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Example of remote databases with mirroring. Note in this mirrored example the two remote databases, both mirrored and nonmirrored, are formatted differently than they would be in a nonmirrored environment.

PRDAUDIT=:mirror:PRDMIRROR:PRDAUDIT,PRD - Mirrored remote database
PRDDCIFC=:ds:PRDDCIFC,PRD - Nonmirrored remote database
PRDERR=\InterSystems\IRIS\mgr\prderr\,,1 - Local database 
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Changing This Parameter

On the Local Databases page of the Management Portal (System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > Local Databases), to add a new entry, select Create New Database. To edit an existing entry, select Edit in that entry's row.

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