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Specifies whether this method will be projected to a Java client.


To override how InterSystems IRIS projects the method to a Java client, use the following syntax:

Method name(formal_spec) As returnclass [ ServerOnly=n ] 
{    //implementation }
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Where n is one of the following:

  • 0 means that this method can be projected.

  • 1 means that this method will not be projected.


This keyword specifies that a method will not be projected to a Java client.


To see which methods of a class are server-only, use the following utility in the Terminal:

do dumpMethods^%occLGUtil("Sample.Person")  
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The argument is the fully qualified class name. This utility produces a report that indicates basic information about each method: whether the method is a stub, whether the method is server-only, and (if the method is derived from a property) the property from which it is derived.


If you omit this keyword, this method will not be projected if it is a stub method (but will be projected if it is not a stub method).

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