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Common Attributes in a Cube

Lists attributes that are used throughout Business Intelligence cube definitions.


Most of the elements in the cube have the following attributes, which are listed here for brevity:

Attribute Purpose
name Logical name of the element for use in MDX queries against this cube. See Names for Model Elements.
displayName (Optional) Localized name of this element for use in user interfaces. If you do not specify this attribute, the user interface instead displays the value specified by the name attribute. For details, see Performing Localization.
description (Optional) Description of this element.
disabled (Optional) Controls whether the compiler uses this element. If this attribute is "true" then the compiler ignores the element; this is equivalent to commenting out the element. By default, this attribute is "false"
additionalDescription (Optional) Additional notes about this element, for display only within the Architect and Studio.
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