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This topic describes the Startup Settings parameters found in the [Startup] section of the CPF.

  • ArbiterURL – Identifies the arbiter used by the mirrors in a mirrored sharded cluster.
  • CallinHalt – Allow custom routines during callin close.
  • CallinStart – Allow custom routines during callin initialization.
  • CliSysName – Set the node name for the local system.
  • DBSizesAllowed – Specify possible database block sizes when creating a database.
  • DefaultPort – Set the port number for the InterSystems IRIS® data platform superserver.
  • DefaultPortBindAddress – Set the IP address for the InterSystems IRIS® data platform superserver to bind to.
  • EnableECP – Enable the Enterprise Cache Protocol (ECP) service.
  • EnableSharding – Enable the sharding service for this instance.
  • EnableVSSBackup – Allow Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) backup. Windows systems only.
  • EnsembleAutoStart – Allow productions to auto-start when InterSystems IRIS® data platform starts.
  • ErrorPurge – Set the number of days to keep error globals.
  • FIPSMode – Enable FIPS 140–2 compliant library for database encryption on Red Hat Linux.
  • IPv6 – Allow InterSystems IRIS® data platform to accept IPv6 addresses.
  • JobHalt – Allow custom routines during background process (job) shutdown.
  • JobServers – Set the number of job servers.
  • JobStart – Allow custom routines during background process (job) startup.
  • LicenseID – Allow instance to request a key from the license server.
  • MaxConsoleLogSize – Set the maximum size of the messages.log file.
  • MaxIRISTempSizeAtStart – Set the maximum size of the IRISTEMP database on restart.
  • MirrorMember – Declare this instance’s mirror role.
  • MirrorPrimary – Declare the host of the primary mirror member.
  • MirrorSetName – Declare the name of this instance’s mirror.
  • PasswordHash – Set the default password using a cryptographic hash of the password and its salt.
  • ProcessHalt – Allow custom routines during foreground process shutdown.
  • ProcessStart – Allow custom routines during foreground process startup.
  • ShardRole – Specify the sharded cluster role of the instance.
  • ShardClusterURL – Specify the node to use as a template when adding an instance to a sharded cluster.
  • ShardMirrorMember – Specify the failover role of a data node in a mirrored sharded cluster.
  • ShardMasterRegexp – Identify the node to be configured as sharded cluster data node 1 based on hostname.
  • ShardRegexp – Identify the nodes to be configured as sharded cluster data nodes (other than data node 1) based on hostname.
  • ShutdownTimeout – Set the number of seconds InterSystems IRIS® data platform should wait until forcing a shutdown.
  • SystemHalt – Allow custom routines during instance shutdown.
  • SystemMode – Specify a label that appears in the Management Portal header.
  • SystemStart – Allow custom routines during instance startup.
  • TempDirectory – Specify the subdirectory for temporary files.
  • TerminalPrompt – Define the format of the terminal prompt.
  • WebServer – Allow the web server to start.
  • WebServerName – Set an IP address or a DNS name for the Web server.
  • WebServerPort – Set the web server port.
  • WebServerURLPrefix – Identify the InterSystems IRIS® data platform instance name for the web server to access.
  • ZSTU – Allow the user-defined startup to run.
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