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Create a new database.


[Actions]   CreateDatabase:Name=DatabaseName,Directory=DatabaseDirectory[,Additional Properties]


CreateDatabase defines a database. InterSystems IRIS® data platform creates that database when processing the [Actions] section during a configuration merge.

You can specify any possible database properties in the CreateDatabase definition. During the merge, InterSystems IRIS runs SYS.Database.CreateDatabase() to create the database defined by CreateDatabase. Only the Name and Directory properties are required; the complete list of database properties is available in the class reference.

When using CreateDatabase on an ECP client to add a remote database, there are two unique required properties. These are:

  • Server – This specifies the name of the ECP server where the remote database is located.

  • LogicalOnly (1 or 0) – When set to 1, this prevents CreateDatabase from creating a physical database on the ECP client.

The section below contains an example of using these properties to add a remote database.


Upon running a configuration merge, the following example creates the Customers database, specifying the initial size and maximum size:


If the Customers database is a remote database located on Node1, the [Actions] section would instead look like:


Changing This Operation

This operation is designed to be used during a configuration merge. You can change CreateDatabase by editing the merge file in a text editor (as described in Editing the Active CPF).

For information about creating and editing a database from the Management Portal, see Configuring Databases.