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Remote Server

Define a Remote Gateway


[Gateways] Name=Remote,Server,Port

Name is the name of a remote server definition. ServerIP and Port are required fields.


The [Gateways] section of the configuration parameter file contains entries for each External Language Gateway configured on the InterSystems IRIS® data platform instance. Each entry contains a comma-separated list of values defining a Gateway Server. Some fields are required, and default values are used for blank fields.

The fields for a remote server are as follows:

  1. Type (required) — Type of the Gateway Server. For remote connections, this is set to Remote.

  2. Server (required) — IP address or name of the machine where the server is located. The maximum length is 256 characters; is the default.

  3. Port (required) — TCP port number for communication between the server and InterSystems IRIS.

Changing This Parameter

On the External Language Servers page of the Management Portal (System Administration > Configuration > Connectivity > External Language Servers), click Create External Language Server and select Remote for Server Type.

Instead of using the Management Portal, you can change Remote Server in the Config.Gateways class (as described in the class reference) or by editing the CPF in a text editor (as described in the Editing the Active CPF section of the “Introduction to the Configuration Parameter File” chapter in this book).