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Type (Index Keyword)

Specifies the type of index.


To specify the type of the index, use the following syntax:

Index name On property_expression_list [ Type = indextype ];


  • name is the name of the index. It is useful to follow a naming convention so that indexes can be easily distinguished from properties. For example, you could include IDX at the end of all index names.

  • property_expression_list is either a single property name or a comma-separated list of properties, enclosed in parentheses.

  • indextype is one of the following:

    • bitmap — a bitmap index

    • bitslice — a bitslice index

    • collatedkey — an index on the given property, using the collation of that property

    • columnar — a columnar index

    • index — a standard index (default)

    • key — deprecated


This keyword specifies the type of the index, specifically whether the index is implemented as standard index or one of several special indexes.

A bitmap index cannot be marked as unique.


If you omit this keyword, the index is a standard index.

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