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ASTM Escape Sequences

Provides reference information for ASTM escape sequences.


When separator characters need to appear within the data contents of an ASTM message, ASTM provides escape sequences to replace the separator characters.

Thus, within the ASTM data stream you might see certain characters replaced by an escape sequence, such as &E& replacing & in the following samples:

Parker &E& Sons

The following table lists the four standard ASTM escape sequences and their meanings. ASTM escape sequences begin and end with the defined escape character, as described in Separators. ASTM escape sequences are case-sensitive, and they use the specific characters F S R or E as shown in the table. In the examples shown, the & (ampersand) is the escape character.

This character sequence... If found within ASTM data, indicates... For example...
&.br&* Carriage return  
&F& Field separator character |
&S& Component separator character \
&R& Repetition separator character ^
&E& Escape character &
&X0A& Line feed  
&X0D& Carriage return  

* Only used for unescaping.

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