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Defines an optional named listing in a Business Intelligence cube.


A cube can contain zero or more named listings. These are available in the Analyzer.

The default listing for a cube is either the listing specified in the defaultListing attribute for the <cube> element (if specified) or the first <listing> element contained in the <cube>.

The <listing> element has the following contents:

Attribute Purpose
name, displayName, description, disabled See Common Attributes in a Cube.
fieldList Comma-separated list of fields to display. For options, see Specifying a Simple Listing. For options in a data connector listing, see Specifying a Data Connector Listing.
formatList List (delimited by carets) of CSSOpens in a new tab formatting instructions for the listing. Each piece of the list is applied to the corresponding column in the listing. This list must have the same number of elements as there are columns, and each list element must have one of the following forms:
  • {CSS formatting instruction}, for example, {text-align:center;} — Formats the corresponding column.

    You can use {text-align:left;} or {text-align:center;}. Other instructions are ignored.

  • display:none; — Hides the corresponding column.

  • Null — Displays the corresponding column in the default style.

orderBy Applies only to simple listings. This attribute is a comma-separated list of fields by which to sort the listing. The overall sort is controlled by the first field in the list, the secondary sort is controlled by the second field, and so on.

After a field name, you can include the ASC or DESC keyword to sort in ascending or descending order, respectively. For additional details, see Specifying a Simple Listing.

This attribute is ignored if the source is a data connector.

sourceClass Specifies the data connector, if any, on which this listing is based. If you specify this attribute, specify the name of a class that extends %DeepSee.DataConnectorOpens in a new tab. See Implementing InterSystems Business Intelligence.
sql Specifies the custom SQL query, if any, for this listing. See Specifying a Custom Listing.
listingType (Optional) Specifies the format of the listing. The default is "table". If you instead specify "map" the system displays a map-type listing, which displays a map with points marked by latitude and longitude. In this case, the listing query must contain the fields Latitude and Longitude (case-sensitive). See Defining a Map-type Listing.
selectMode (Optional) Specifies the %SelectModeOpens in a new tab to be used by the SQL query for this listing. This attribute determines how some types of data are displayed. The default is "display". The other possible values are "logical" and "odbc". See Adding a Listing.
resource (Optional) Name of the resource used to control access to this listing. See Implementing InterSystems Business Intelligence.

There are three kinds of listings, considering their sources:

  • Basic listings, which directly use the source table used by the cube

  • Data connector listings (which use data connectors)

  • Custom listings (which use custom queries)

In all cases, the system creates and uses an SQL query.

The following table indicates which attributes of <listing> you specify for these kinds of listings:

Kind of Listing fieldList orderBy sourceClass sql
Basic Required Optional Do not specify; this attribute would take precedence. Do not specify; this attribute would take precedence.
Data connector Optional Ignored Required Ignored
Custom Ignored Ignored Do not specify; this attribute would take precedence. Required
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