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About This Book

The InterSystems Native API for Java is a lightweight extension to the InterSystems JDBC driver. It gives your Java application direct access to powerful InterSystems IRIS® resources formerly available only in ObjectScript. You can call ObjectScript methods and functions, create and control instances of an ObjectScript class, directly access InterSystems global arrays, and much more. All Native API classes access the database through a standard JDBC connection, and can be used without any special setup or installation procedures.

The following chapters discuss the main features of the Native API:

There is also a detailed Table of Contents.

More information about globals

Versions of the Native API are also available for .NET, Python, and Node.js:

The following book is highly recommended for developers who want to master the full power of globals:

  • Using Globals — describes how to use globals in ObjectScript, and provides more information about how multidimensional storage is implemented on the server.

InterSystems Core APIs for Java

The Native API is part of a suite that also includes lightweight APIs for object and relational database access. See the following books for more information:

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