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Managing the Trusted RSA Key Registry

The XML signature of an inbound SAML Assertion for XUA messaging can include a RSA public key in lieu of an entire X.509 certificate. If you use an RSA public key for inbound SAML Assertions, you must add it to the Trusted RSA Key Registry.

To add a key to the Trusted RSA Key Registry:

  1. Log in to the Management Portal as a user with the %HS_Administrator role.

  2. Select your Foundation namespace.

  3. Select Health > IHE Configuration > Trusted RSA Key Registry.

  4. Select an entry from the table to edit an existing entry or select Add Trusted Key to create a new one.

  5. Enter appropriate values in the various settings and select Save. The settings are described below.



    Public Key Modulus (Base64 encoded)


    Public Key Exponent (Base64 encoded)


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