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HealthLake Outbound Adapter

By incorporating a business operation that uses the HealthLake outbound adapter, an interoperability production can complete FHIR® interactions with an Amazon HealthLake data store. The adapter provides methods for HTTP verbs that can be used to complete an interaction. For example, you can use the adapter's MakePOSTRequest method to perform a FHIR Create interaction.

To simplify implementations, InterSystems provides a built-in business operation that can be used to invoke the HTTP verb methods of the adapter, so you do not have to write a custom business operation unless you have special requirements.

Adapter Details

The class of the HealthLake outbound adapter is EnsLib.AmazonHealthLake.OutboundAdapter. As you can see from the class referenceOpens in a new tab, the adapter includes methods used to perform GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE actions. For example, the adapter’s MakePOSTRequest method is used to send a POST request to HealthLake. Though the JSON payload of the POST and PUT methods are designed to be passed as a String, the methods can also handle Stream payloads.

The adapter’s MakeGETRequest method is used to perform a FHIR Read interactionOpens in a new tab, but is not used to perform a Search interactionOpens in a new tab. To perform a Search interaction with a context limited to a specified resource type, use the MakeQueryRequest method. The adapter executes this search using a GET HTTP verb. The signature of the MakeQueryRequest method is:

Method MakeQueryRequest(datastoreId As %String, searchType As %String,
                        searchParameters As %String, Output response As %Net.HttpResponse) As %Status


Built-in Business Operation

Rather than developing a custom business operation that uses the outbound adapter, you can save time and effort by adding the EnsLib.AmazonHealthLake.BusinessOperationOpens in a new tab business operation to the interoperability production. Once added, the production can send pre-built requests to the business operation, which will use it to execute the appropriate adapter method. For example, if a business host sends an EnsLib.AmazonHealthLake.POSTRequest request to the business operation, the adapter's MakePOSTRequest method is invoked to create a new FHIR resource in the HealthLake data store. See Adapter Details for notes about the methods invoked by the business operation.

For details about adding a business operation to a production, see Adding Business Hosts.

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