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Managing the Coded Entry Registry

The Coded Entry Registry defines the codes, templates, and identifiers required for IHE communication. InterSystems is installed with a substantial set of these codes. For details on the various code types, refer to the IHE wikiOpens in a new tab.

To access the Coded Entry Registry:

  1. Log in to the Management Portal as a user with the %HS_Administrator role.

  2. Select your Foundation namespace.

  3. Select Health > IHE Configuration > Coded Entry Registry.

  4. Select an entry from the table to edit an existing entry or select Add Code to create a new one.

  5. Enter appropriate values in the various settings and select Save. The settings are described below.

Use the Code Type drop-down list to filter the table by code type, or enter terms in the Search box. You can adjust the number of entries displayed on each page with the Page Size box.

Each entry contains the following information:


The following code types are available:

  • associationDocumentation

  • classCode

  • confidentialityCode

  • contentTypeCode

  • eventCodeList

  • folderCodeList

  • formatCode

  • healthcareFacilityTypeCode

  • practiceSettingCode

  • typeCode


The value of the code.


The standard to which the code conforms.


An optional description.

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