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Example of Globals

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The examples here show 4 entries made with ObjectScript.DataEntry4, displayed in the Management Portal. The date of birth is stored in internal format.


The data and index global structures you see here are somewhat typical. But it's important to keep in mind that globals are really ordered trees. If you decide to manipulate globals directly in your own applications, you can use whatever global structure you think fits your needs. Asking someone with experience in global design can help you come up with the perfect structure!

PersonD global showing the data for 4 persons

The ^PersonI global contains three regular indexes and a bitmap index. The DOB and Name indexes have an additional dimension which allows more than one person to have the same date of birth or name. The Phone index structure doesn't allow this. The Bitmap-ID index has bits 2 through 5 set, corresponding with ID numbers 1 through 4.

PersonI global showing 4 persons in the DOB, Name, and Phone indexes, and in a bitmap index

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