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Release Streams

There are two streams of major releases for InterSystems IRIS®, InterSystems IRIS for Health®, and HealthShare® Health Connect:

  • Continuous delivery (CD) releases — these releases provide access to new features and are ideal for developing and deploying applications that are continuously being updated and can take immediate advantage of new features.

  • Extended maintenance (EM) releases — these releases are less frequent than the continuous delivery releases but provide the increased stability of maintenance releases. These releases are ideal for large enterprise applications where the ease of getting fixes in maintenance releases is more important than getting early access to new features.

InterSystems provides maintenance releases for the EM releases but not for the CD releases.

Prerelease Software (Developer Previews)

In addition to the fully supported releases, InterSystems provides prerelease software for developers who want an early look at new features. The purpose of the prerelease software is two-fold:

  • It provides an early opportunity for customers to determine how the changes and enhancement in the release affect existing applications, to report issues found, and verify those issues have been resolved.

  • It also provides early exposure of new features. Customers have a chance to try out the proposed ideas and give feedback on the usefulness of this feature for their business area.

InterSystems strongly encourages customers to plan on obtaining a preview release and to test their application against it.


InterSystems does not support upgrading from a preview version.

Because the developer prerelease software can be updated frequently, the prerelease documentation may not fully cover the new features. Note that the prerelease documentation is updated daily, along with the rest of the recent documentation.


If you have a developer preview installation, you should use the local class reference rather than the class reference on the docs.intersystems.comOpens in a new tab web site. The local class reference exactly matches the code in your installation and thus is the most suitable source of information.

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