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FHIR Server Maintenance

While maintaining a FHIR server that is in production, it might be necessary to stop processing HL7® FHIR® requests to the endpoint, then re-enable the endpoint when the maintenance is complete.


Sometimes when you seek to modify the FHIR server, you may find the repository locked. This is normal: All InterSystems IRIS API methods lock the repository, and the repository can also be locked explicitly using the ##class(HS.FHIRServer.Repo).Lock() method. If the repository is locked, you will have to wait until the other agent releases it.

To stop and re-start an endpoint:

  1. In the Management Portal, navigate to Health > FHIR Configuration > Server Configuration. Make sure you are in the FHIR server’s namespace.

  2. Select the endpoint of the FHIR server.

  3. Select Edit.

  4. To make the FHIR server’s endpoint available to requests, select the Enabled check box in the Configuration section. To stop an endpoint and reject requests, clear the check box.

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