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Upgrading IRIS for Health

The process for upgrading InterSystems IRIS for Health is similar to upgrading the InterSystems IRIS product. You should read the special considerations for upgrading IRIS for Health listed below, and then complete the upgrade procedures found in “Upgrading InterSystems IRIS” in the InterSystems IRIS Installation Guide.

Upgrading from 2018.1.2 to 2019.1

Running a post-installation method in the InterSystems Terminal is the final step in upgrading from InterSystems IRIS for Health 2018.1.2. You need to run this method multiple times if you have more than one user-created namespace. To complete the upgrade process:

  1. Open the InterSystems Terminal.

  2. To change the namespace to HSLIB, enter:

    set $namespace="HSLIB"

  3. Enter:

    do ##class(HS.HC.Util.Installer.Upgrade.XFMapping).UpgradeHSXF("<namespace>")

    Where <namespace> is the name of a user-created namespace. You must repeat this command for each user-created namespace.