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Healthcare Interoperability

Include healthcare data in your applications with our built-in standards-compliant tools.

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images/page_book.png Data Transformations in InterSystems Healthcare Products

images/page_book.png FHIR Support in InterSystems Products

images/page_book.png IHE Use Cases

images/page_book.png Registry Guide for InterSystems IRIS for Health and HealthShare Health Connect

images/page_book.png SDA: InterSystems Clinical Data Format

images/page_book.png CDA Interoperability with SDA

images/page_book.png Routing HL7 Version 2 Messages in Productions

images/page_book.png HL7 Productivity Tools

images/page_book.png Routing DICOM Documents in Productions

images/page_book.png Routing ASTM Documents in Productions

images/page_book.png Using the NHS Interoperability Toolkit

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images/page_navpage.png Connecting Systems with Interoperability Productions