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Whether you want to pinpoint performance bottlenecks in your application or to receive alerts before there’s an issue, InterSystems IRIS for Health™ contains the tools and utilities to effectively monitor your system.

Get acquainted

Learn about basic monitoring mechanisms.

Review the dashboards

images/page_book.pngView Management Portal dashboards

Configure alerts

images/page_book.pngSet notification thresholds using System Monitor

images/page_book.pngSend email notification using Log Monitor

Monitor performance

images/page_book.pngUse ^SystemPerformance

Read all about it

images/page_book.pngMonitoring Guide

images/page_book.pngSystem Alerting and Monitoring Guide


images/page_book.pngDetermining License Capacity and Usage

images/page_book.pngVerifying Structural Integrity

images/page_book.pngManaging InterSystems IRIS

Explore more

images/page_navpage.pngData Science


images/page_navpage.pngManaging and Monitoring Interoperability Productions