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Example Two: Web (cont.)

Next, we configure the Web application to use Instance Authentication.

  1. Open the Web Applications page (click [Home] > [System Administration] > [Security] > [Web Applications]) of the portal.

  2. Click the /csp/user link to edit application.

  3. For Allowed Authentication Methods click Password. Verify that no other authentication mechanism is selected. Click Save.

    Save button and Allowed Authentication Methods setting highlighted with red boxes

  4. Return to your REST client and execute your GET again. This time specify that the client should use Basic Authentication. Use SuperUser and SYS as the Username and password:

    Postman Authorization tab. Basic Auth is selected in the Type drop-down list. Username is SuperUser and Password is SYS

  5. Click SEND

    Body of Postman response showing username and roles. Username is SuperUser

    Now we see that we are accessing the application using the SuperUser account. An initial security setting of Minimal grants the SuperUser account the %ALL role.