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Map packages to namespaces.


[Map.w]    Package_PackageName=Database


Whenever a namespace (w) contains mappings, InterSystems IRIS® data platform creates a section in the configuration parameter (CPF) file called [Map.w] for that namespace. For example, mappings for the USER namespace appear under the section [Map.USER]. The [Map.w] section contains every global mapping, routine mapping, and package mapping for that namespace.

Package mappings take the form Package_PackageName, where PackageName is the specific package that is being mapped. Each package entry contains a database location (Database) that contains the named package. Classes in the specified package become available in the w namespace.

For more information about mappings, see the Add Global, Routine, and Package Mapping to a Namespace section of the “Configuring InterSystems IRIS” section of System Administration Guide.


Map package TEST to the USER database.


Map package TOOLS to the DEVELOPER database.


Changing This Parameter

On the Namespaces page of the Management Portal (System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > Namespaces), select Package Mappings for the namespace you want to explore. To add a new entry, click New. To edit an existing entry, select Edit in that entry's row.

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